Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Soap Workshop

Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Soap Workshop

Last Friday and Saturday, we were able to execute our long awaited workshops, to show the youth how to make their own liquid soap and hand sanitizer.

On Friday, about 50 students of the Sunbeam School in Kokrobite have participated in the workshop. All other participants came on Saturday. On Saturday, we also invited some older attendants that showed interest of building a business with their new skills. Over all, about 75 participants were able to acquire some new skills in our workshops.

We started both of the workshops with an introduction of our organisation and the board members. To make everyone feel comfortable, we continued with a small warm up game. Our board member Yvette Kwawu taught all steps to a proper hand washing. The participants learned well and were able to show their new skill. After that, our chairperson Paulyn Mettle-Nunoo continued to show how to make liquid soap. The soap was made with the help of volunteers from the crowd. Also, the participants were shown the process of making hand sanitizer. Since the process is easier than the liquid soap, especially the students were interested in it. 

In the end, we showed them how to bottle up the products and shared some samples to the participants to take home. The participants also enjoyed some snacks and soft drinks as refreshment.

So far, one participant has started producing and selling products and others are preparing to start their own business.

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