Youth library

Our Vision

“If you want to hide something from an African child, put it in a book”, is a widely known saying in Ghana, that describes that Ghanaian children are usually not familiar with reading and only know it from school. We want to change this through our initiative.

We want to create a space for children and teenagers to learn, play and explore. Unfortunately, the access to books and literature in Ghana is very limited. Therefore, we want to give children the chance of having a safe learning space with a large quantity of story books, encyclopedias, novels and much more. 

Additionally, we want to add some computer workplaces to give young people a chance to do research, play learning games and learn handling I.C.T. devices. To ensure an affordable internet connection, a Wifi shall be installed.

Want to know more?

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How can you help?

To want to help us realise our library project, there are two ways you can help us. If you want to make a money donation, click “Donate Now”. If you want to donate books, click on “Contact Us”, so that we can arrange the transport.

Thank you very much in advance!