Sunbeam International School


We are working with the Sunbeam school since 2016. They also work with other partner organisations. If you are volunteering there, you will probably meet volunteers from other organisations. 

The Sunbeam school employs 18 teachers, 5 kitchen staff and 2 attendants. A total of 350 pupils are being taught in Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School and Junior High School.

School clubs include Girl Guide, Sea scouts, Naval cadet, Drama and Debating, Music and Dancing, French, Maths and Science, Arts and creativity and football.

Volunteer Report

Classes at the Sunbeam start daily at 8:00 am, before that the students still have time to have breakfast and clean the compound. A lesson lasts for one hour, after two lessons the break starts from 10:00-10:30 am. This is followed by two more hours, so that the one hour lunch break starts at 12:30 am. During the lunch break, the food is distributed in the canteen and teachers and students enjoy their food. After the break, another hour follows before school closes at 2:30 pm.

My tasks at Sunbeam are to assist teachers during class, help, correct and assist students who have difficulties.

Safira, Sunbeam volunteer 2021-2022