Empower local schools

In our aim to support local schools, we host volunteers from Germany, who are volunteering in our partner schools. With the Weltwärts program, the volunteers are accommodated in host families, provided with 3 daily meals and a monthly allowance, granted by the BMZ Germany.


What is Weltwärts?

Weltwärts is a Development volunteers service that is up to 75% sponsored by the BMZ in Germany. 

The volunteers stay for a time of six(6) to twenty-four(24) months to assist in the schools. However, most volunteers stay for twelve(12) months.

The sending organization is Freundeskreis Afrika e.V., our partner organisation which is based in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. Volunteers will apply at the sending organization.

Volunteer posts

The volunteers will be posted in our partner schools as teacher assistants.

As none of them are trained teachers, they are not supposed to lead lessons on their own, but their function is to assist teachers, engage in school activities, offer extra classes to pupils in need and support school clubs.

Additionaly to the work in schools, volunteers can choose to extend their engagement to other projects, for example the theatre and library project.



Partner Schools

Presbyterian School


Walton Montessori

As for now, 2 families from Kokrobite are hosting our volunteers. They are Ramatu (”Mada”) Dodoo’s family and Mustapha Tettey Addy’s family. The two families are related and live next to each other.

Ramatu (”Mada”) Dodoo is providing the volunteers with meals. She used to run the ”Calabash Kitchen” and her cooking is delicious. She will let you try a variety of local dishes.

Mustapha Tettey Addy is a very famous drummer, who also lived in Germany for some years. However, he is not able to drum like he used to but he can tell lots of interesting stories.

To give you the chance of getting to know Ghanaian culture, Issah Addy, the Weltwärts coordinator offers some free drumming lessons for the volunteers.

Additionally, he is also offering some free language lessons in the local language Ga.

The Ga people traditionally inhabit the Greater Accra Region where Kokrobite is situated. However, nowadays Accra has become more diverse and has become home to people of various tribes from Ghana and West-Africa.

Kokrobite is a fishing community in the outskirts of Accra, Ghana’s capital.

It is situated directly at the beach and most of the time the weather is sunny. There are lots of outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, swimming and relaxing at the beach.

There are also groups of young people playing soccer and basketball and also cultural groups where you can join in.

Since Kokrobite is a popular tourist area, there are hotels and bars, like ”Big Milly’s”, where you can enjoy drumming and dancing shows and reggae night while having a chilled beverage. 

In the hotel ”Kokrobite Garden”, you can swim in a pool and join yoga classes. 

Are you…

… 18 -28 years old?

… a German citizen (or you obtain a German residence permit)?

… interested in getting to know the Ghanaian culture?

… ready to engage in one of our projects?

Then take part in the Weltwärts program!

Please find more information on the Website of Weltwärts  and our sending organisation Freundeskreis Afrika e.V.

If you want to apply, please send your application to Freundeskreis Afrika e.V..

In case you need more information concerning our partner schools, please feel free to contact us directly.