Presbyterian School


At the Presbyterian school in Kokrobite, classes include Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School and Junior High School. We are working with them since 2016.

In total, 283 children are being taught by 15 teachers. The number of non teaching staff is 5.

School clubs include Girls Guide, cultural drumming and dancing and sports.

Volunteer Report

The Presbytarian school Kokrobite is a school of the Presbytarian Church of Ghana. However, it is quite the same as other private schools. As a volunteer, one quickly learns to be part of the school’s daily life. Usually, I assist one of the teachers, the maths and science teacher Sir Copson. That means to accompany him throughout the day, listen to the lessons and mark the given exercises or yesterday’s homework. Then we eat together and I can choose: Either I go home when the Primary School is closing or I stay with the High school students for their afternoon classes. When one class is left without a teacher, I help out in Class 3 and Class 4 as well. There are many possibilities, one can also start their own projects, the students are always happy about French lessons, sport activities and more. In addition, there are some extracurricular activities that you are always welcome to take part in. For example, football matches or drumming and dancing lessons. All in all you can make your own choice to either stick with assisting the teacher or to bring in own ideas.

Lucie, Presby volunteer 2021-2022