School during the COVID-19 pandemic

School during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected schools all schools were closed since 23rd March. The final year students of universities reopened on the 15th of June, the Senior High final years reopened on the 22nd of June and the final years in the Junior High reopened on the 29th of June. The rest of the students still stay at home. So far the situation is under control.

Safety measurements and Restrictions

The number of students per class has been restricted to 30 students for Junior High and 25 for the Senior High. Students sit 1 meter apart in the classroom. Lessons have been reduced. Therefore, school starts at 9 am and closes at 1 pm. There is a break for only 15 minutes. Students temperatures have to be taken before they enter the classroom. Sanitizers, water with soap and tissues are provided for students at all times. They are to wear nose masks in class. Since learning hours have been shortened, in Sunbeam Foundation, we do an additional 2 hours online tuition for our students via Zoom and WhatsApp alternatively depending on the subject. This is done from 3 pm to 5 pm each weekday and if necessary on the weekends to prepare them for their final year exams.

Effects on teachers and students

Its not easy since most of our students cannot afford to buy data for this. Government has given every school sanitizers, nose masks, Veronica buckets and soap but this is not enough. We used the opportunity to make our own sanitizers, liquid soap and bleach. This has helped the students since some of them are already making their own and selling for extra income to buy data.

So far the situation has really affected out way of teaching since it’s difficult to teach with 1-meter distance. For instance, sometimes you need to get closer and explain something in a book to the students.

We come to school in a flash and by the time you realize we have closed.

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